"Forums like this are long overdue. People have been talking at each other – from different sides of the fence. We can't allow that any longer. We all know we have problems. But guess what? Those problems aren't going to be solved by Washington alone. The most immediate and effective solutions are going to come at the local level – and will be the result of people from all kinds of backgrounds and with different points of view coming together and talking to each other – at forums like this. That is how we can make positive change."

-Ray Flynn, Former Boston Mayor, U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican, and a panelist in a recent CITIZENARTS forum

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Our programs are presented in public forums and are frequently part of upper high school and university class curriculums, lectures and panels — where they complement coursework (For a list of our current affiliations with universities and other entities in the U.S., Asia and Europe, please click here).

Some key reasons CITIZENARTS is invited to academic institutions throughout the U.S. and in China and Europe are:

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Here are scenes from a few recent CITIZENARTS educational forums on campuses around the US and in China.