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Here are a few comments we've received from people who have attended in person or virtual forums built around Pacific Destiny. Please contact us to discuss bringing a forum to your university, business, policy or culture group.

Thank you so much for your effort in making this evening's presentation of Pacific Destiny possible! We appreciate the hard work you do to bring some new and important questions to the environment! The content of the film is so timely, the technology worked well, and the panel was well run and had very interesting perspectives.  I'm just so delighted to have worked together to create this opportunity to help build bridges, at this time when I don't think that is happening nearly often enough.

-Eric, University professor, Portland, OR

The event was a great success! The discussion following the film with director Jim Gabbe aroused enormous interest and enthusiasm from the large student audience. The back and forth between the panel and audience about China and United States was indeed thought provoking.

-Qingyun, Coordinator of University Chinese Program, Los Angeles, CA

Pacific Destiny is a great documentary and offers new perspectives. I am impressed by your understanding of Chinese culture. Thanks for addressing my questions during the event.I think your project has huge potential to help people in both China and US.

-Chinese university student, Los Angeles, CA

Pacific Destiny, like all your forums, is excellent material for teachers to generate discussions in class with students while they are studying China and the US. We can't wait for the next forum!

-Shenzhan, Director Confucius Institute at China Institute, New York, NY

This forum has totally shifted how I view and think about China. It gave me a much broader context which has been really helpful and interesting. The comments and perspectives I heard during the forum have stuck with me for weeks.

-Jeremy, theatrical producer/director, New York, NY

The film was very entertaining and informative and certainly changed my view of China — a country I thought I knew.

-Stephen, attorney, New York, NY

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