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In Wartime Moments in Israel: A Diary of Encounters and Reflections, CITIZENARTS founder Jim Gabbe, a historian, journalist, photographer, and educator, presents an immersive, real-time, on-the-ground diary of reflections during his recent travels through Israel.

Raw, real and, at times, humorous, Jim recorded his observations during a variety of encounters: at some of Jerusalem's holiest sites, while visiting with an official at the Knesset, inside a rocket shelter, and during time with a hostage family. He was also honored to meet with one of the first Israeli soldiers to enter Gaza, and with the father of a kibbutz family that survived the October 7 attack.

Neither travel log nor political screed, Wartime Moments in Israel brings you directly to Israel to experience life there now. Moments powerful and eye-opening, they reaffirmed Jim’s ardent belief that, ultimately, Israelis and their Middle Eastern neighbors will beat their swords into plowshares.


Heartfelt gratitude to Rabbi Joshua Davidson and Rabbi Sara Sapadin of Temple Emanu-El in New York City. Their wisdom, compassion, inspiration and leadership are the foundation for this podcast.
The exceptional contributions of Nevo Garfunkel and Scott Copeland are also greatly appreciated.

Jim Gabbe - Host and director

Jill S. Gabbe - Executive producer

Jeff Lewis - Producer and technical director

Photo credits: James I. Gabbe
Music credits: Ashot Danielyan from Pixabay, Ludovic Gabor from Pixabay 
While all recording was done by Jim during his travels, CITIZENARTS acknowledges with gratitude the following sources for added sound effects: Everyday Cinematic Sounds, @josephintheholyland8662, @JerusalemWalker, @BurghRecords, @lo-fination908
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This podcast is copyright of CITIZENARTS and presented courtesy of gabbegroup Productions. All rights reserved

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