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Advisory Council


We are honored to have as members of the CITIZENARTS Advisory Council a growing number of accomplished academics, business leaders, public servants and professionals from China, Europe, India, and U.S. who are providing us invaluable knowledge and guidance in the creation of our educational documentaries and other presentations.


Guozhong Cao

United Nations Senior Translator, New York

Tim Gao

Hospitality industry executive and academic, Tianjin, China

Hong Liu

Hotelier and teacher, sponsor of the China Forum at Northeastern University, Cambridge, MA

Kelly Liu

Marketing and management consultant, Beijing

Jiadong Qu

Technology executive, Beijing

Gavin Shatkin

University researcher and professor, Boston

Weimin Sun

University professor, Northridge, CA

Philip Thai

University researcher and professor, Boston

Margaret Woo

Professor of law, expert on the judicial system of the

People's Republic of China, Boston

Edward V. Yang

Business Executive/Author/Professor, Mission Viejo, CA

Zhang Xiaoying

Professor, Dean, Beijing


Xavier Costa

University professor, Boston

Petr Drulák

Scholar and Ambassador of the Czech Republic to France, Prague and Paris

Charles Fracchia

Entrepreneur, Boston

Sidd Gandhi

Entrepreneur and financial specialist,

London, Mumbai, and Singapore

Pavel Hlavacek

University professor, Pilsen, Czech Republic

Michael March

Author, poet and president, Prague Writers' Festival,

Prague, Czech Republic

Bruno Sergi

Professor of political economy, Sicily and Cambridge, MA


Inderjit Badhwar

Journalist and author, Delhi

Arvind Bhorilal

Teacher of Indian and Chinese history and culture,

Bangalore and Kolkata

Paul Gottsegen

Senior Vice President, chief marketing and strategy officer,

New York and Bangalore

Shivali Lavale

University Director, Pune

Ash Soni

Executive associate dean, Bloomington, Indiana

Milan Zatakia

Serial Entrepreneur & Optimist, Mumbai


Rick Dean

Financial professional and education entrepreneur, New York

Brian Keiper

Educator, Richmond, Virginia

AJ Luca

Educator and musician, Philadelphia

George Nethercutt

Former U.S. Congressman, foundation founding chairman, Washington, DC

Bill Nielsen

Public Relations and Public Affairs Executive, Maryland

Peri Onipede

University executive, Boston

Dick Russell

Technology development/marketing guru and poet, Seattle

Maria Toyoda

University Dean, Boston

Antonia Trigiani

Senior financial and marketing consultant, Pennsylvania

Robert Walsh

University administrator and former city

commissioner, New York

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