Feedback on the CITIZENARTS Pandemic Series:





Just watched the initial episodes in your pandemic series. Nicely done. It is good to make a deep analysis of cultural differences during the pandemic situation while we are encountering it. Your series is an important initiative on this.


Using Dr. Li Wenliang’s case to illustrate the cultural differences is a very smart way to lay out the details. I thought you might be interested in a comparison of how local authorities in Wuhan treated Dr. Li and some other medical professionals who also reported about the virus at the very start of the outbreak.


For example, the head of the Wuhan University affiliated Zhong Nan Hospital. He reported cases of an unknown virus infection to the local authorities before early January. With their knowledge, he initiated a hospital-wide response plan. This occurred even before the government had reported interpersonal transmission of the coronavirus. Also, doctors in that hospital raised concerns to the local authorities about ineffective testing kits and recommended using CT scans to evaluate the infections.


Those efforts at Zhong Nan Hospital were not silenced or changed by the authorities. Actually, what happened was the local authorities followed up with the hospital and then consulted with the central decision makers in Beijing. Zhong Nan Hospital’s efforts were well received by the national authorities. By comparison, my takeaway is that Dr. Li did not follow the chain of command. He spoke publicly. His message was therefore considered undermining and unproductive by local authorities.


The video series you are presenting talks about the Chinese cultural behaviors of obedience and orderly structure.  Dr. Li may have stepped outside of those cultural behaviors. This of course does not justify the treatment (silencing) he received – but it is helpful when trying to understand why the local authorities reacted to him in a different way from the doctors at Zhong Nan Hospital.


Thanks to the CiTIZENARTS team for making this timely effort and sharing it with me.


-- From a Chinese educator located in the US



Fabulous presentation. Diplomatic and correct. Our dear country is in trouble. 


Admiring your intelligence and hard work from a distance.


As always,

Michael March

President, Prague Writers’ Festival



Congratulations on your CITIZENARTS China series. You have lots of passion and knowledge on the topic.

Stay well,

Peter Russo

Producer/Writer/Director: News Specials & Documentaries



I watched the snapshot series and am sharing it. I especially liked the cultural touchstones. I’m looking forward to hearing Lily Wang’s input!


BJ McElderry

Educator, Maryland



I watched the series and it is very good. It is upsetting for me when I look at social media in China and the US when it comes to the COVID-19 discussion. I've seen a lot of untrue or biased reports on both sides that seem to bring out hatred towards each other, but I think the videos you showed me are honest and neutral. Thank you for doing this and sharing them!


-- From a Chinese university student in the US



If I may say so , India's response has been "somewhere in between". A mixture of caution and aggression,  leading to largely effective COVID19 management in one of the most populous country in the world. Despite all that the media reports, India has done very well in managing this pandemic in these very troubled times for humanity. 


Stay safe and stay blessed. 




Milan R Zatakia

Chairman and CEO, Millennium



Dear Milan,


It’s great to hear from you.


I’ve been following developments in India closely.  That the Modi government decisively took on COVID so early and swiftly surely enabled India to avoid the catastrophe that has engulfed the US. I was most concerned about India because of its density, high level of poverty and health care limitations. 


And now we all must be vigilant. That is a mixed bag in the US. China is pulling out all the stops. India has an historic opportunity to do good for itself while setting a healthy example for the world. 


Take care, my friend. 




Dear Jim,


Thank you for reaching out. Always a pleasure to hear from you. Reciprocate your fine sentiments, and am hopeful this unprecedented COVID19 pandemic becomes history sooner than later. 


Indeed very challenging times for humanity at large. 


Stay well my friend, and stay safe.