Prior Episodes

Episode Thirteen

In the first episode of a series of discussions with people throughout America about what matters most to them as the U.S. presidential election approaches. We start by visiting the land of Great Lakes, Hemingway and the Big Ten -- America's heartland -- the Midwest.

Episode Twelve

CITIZENARTS journeys  to the land of thousands of gods and curries, the world's largest democracy -- India. Through our cultural lens, we explore the Indian response to Covid-19 and other topics.

Episode Eleven

CITIZENARTS journeys to the land of the Velvet Revolution, and Bohemian, Moravian and Silesian rhapsodies -- the Czech Republic. 

Episode Ten

CITIZENARTS journeys to the island kingdom of royalty, parliament, steak and kidney pie -- The United Kingdom

Episodes 1 - 9

Through our cultural lens, CITIZENARTS focuses on the extraordinarily different ways the US and China have been tackling COVID 19