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Episode One

CITIZENARTS founder Jim Gabbe introduces the series and some of the key issues it explores.

Episode Two

Why the world needs China and the US to take on the pandemic fight, and why they must understand their cultural differences to build trust and cooperation.

Episode Three

How culture determined initial actions in China as the pandemic erupted in Wuhan and began its rampage.

Episode Four

In the US, the early days of COVID 19 saw an explosion of individual opinion, action and inaction that were rooted in America’s character. 

Episode Five 

With absolute centralized control, wholehearted adoption of science and technology and more, China’s ongoing battle with COVID-19 reflects it distinctive, historical culture.

Episode Six

How China is deploying advanced on-line systems to build the world’s largest and most comprehensive COVID tracing system. An up-to-the-minute report from Wang Jian Ping – CITIZENARTS producer in Shanghai.

Episode Seven 

To mask or not to mask? The wildly, weirdly different acceptance of face masks in the US and China bugles the depths of their cultural differences and misunderstandings.

Episode Eight, part 1 

The pandemic battle: how come the globe's first superpower isn't leading the global fight? A look at key strains of thought underlying Washington's non-action. 

Episode Eight, part 2 

 The pandemic battle: how come the White House isn't leading the fight at home? Perhaps George Washington would’ve frowned and Thomas Jefferson would’ve smiled.

Episode Nine

How do Chinese and Americans feel about teaming up to fight global problems? Personal reflections from citizens in both countries.

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