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Forums like this are long overdue. People have been talking at each other – from different sides of the fence. We can’t allow that any longer. We all know we have problems in this country. But guess what? Those problems aren’t going to be solved by Washington alone. The most immediate and effective solutions are going to come at the local level – and will be the result of people from all kinds of backgrounds and with different points of coming together and talking to each other – at forums like this. That is how we can make positive change in America.

Ray Flynn, Boston MA, Former mayor of Boston and U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican

A More — or Less — Perfect Union is the first feature-length film to explore in-depth the state-of-mind of the United States of America, whose Constitution was penned by the Founding Fathers to “form a more perfect union.” This unprecedented documentary probes into what really unites/divides us, getting beyond the noise from the pundits and news media entertainment megaphones.

Are we more together than ever? Or less so? Do we share aspirations for ourselves and our country? What troubles or gladdens us most about our lives and nation? Will we walk into the future as one or in crippling disarray? Will we be willing and able to take on the challenges of an ever-more competitive world where the United States may no longer be all-powerful?

A More — or Less — Perfect Union is presented by “We the people” — just as our Constitution would have it. We have brought together nearly 200 thoughtful, caring people from across the U.S to express their views on a range of subjects that are at the heart of living in our grand country. We the people — a cross-section of our American neighbors. Teachers, academics, laborers, entrepreneurs, artists — painting a cinematic tableau of where the American community is today and where it might be tomorrow.

Among other activities, A More — or Less — Perfect Union has been used as a centerpiece for discussion groups at universities, high schools and cultural and policy groups around the US, as part of a TV broadcast discussion in NYC, and presented on a European tour about US Democracy sponsored by the US State Department. Please contact us to discuss bringing the film to your community.

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