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Here are a few comments we've received from people who have attended forums built around A More -- or less -- Perfect Union. Please contact us to discuss bringing a forum to your university, business, policy or culture group.

The filmmakers went after humanity. It could’ve been another of those head to heads, showing how this place and these people are different from those places and people. But if you point out the folly in our tendency to make people others, and you don’t ask divisive questions and just focus on basic views and values — you see how everybody is saying the same thing. And isn’t that much more compelling and informative and constructive…?
-Maureen, Boston, MA, College Student

The message that most resonates from the film is that we are one humanity, and that it would be just wonderful and in everyone’s interest if we could just stop for a moment to accept and appreciate that – and then interact with each other in a way guided by this recognition. Making the effort to simply see each other as each of us desires to be seen, without artificially influenced prejudices and biases – setting this as a goal and understanding that it is, in fact, achievable. There just has to be willingness to make it happen.
-Joe, Raleigh, NC, Retired Military

I want to go into politics. Before seeing this film and participating in the discussion, I thought I wanted to represent the members of my party, but after this, I want to represent everyone because everyone deserves to be heard. I also notice now when I read the news, I am seeing the ways they are pitting the parties against one another.

–Tom, Baltimore, MD, Junior High School Student

I thoroughly enjoyed being part of the discussion forum following your terrific film. I have been promoting civic engagement for as long as I can remember — my mantra is, “you get the kind of government you are willing to work for,” and the forum we held the other evening was a fantastic example of “putting in the work!” And my students who attended have expressed to me how much they got out of the forum. 
–Michael, Boston, MA, University professor

The film is amazing. It captures what I’ve hoped is the state of our union — despite what we hear in media.
-AJ, Philadelphia, PA, Educator, Professional Musician

Well, it’s brilliant. As a viewer, we get to know Americans from many sectors. This gives us an understanding of the feelings of anger and frustration about the dysfunction in our government: feelings that our unique and noble political, economic and cultural institutions and our wondrous heritage are being frayed, squandered and dissipated by a host of seemingly uncontrollable forces. This film shows clearly there is more to be hopeful about than the media is willing to believe.
-Bill, Wittman, MD, Communications Consultant

This film couldn’t be more important and current based on everything we’ve been seeing in the news.
-Alfred, Dallas, TX, College Student, Staff Sgt. U.S. Air Force

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