The USA’s rise as a global superpower was unlike anything ever seen. It inspired as an expression of humanity’s most uplifting and inventive spirit. But for some, the USA is now an alarming superpower. 

China, once called a “sleeping giant” – is today astonishing the world with historic success in lifting hundreds of millions to new heights of well-being and accomplishment. But for some, China is now a threatening giant.

The future of these mighty nations, indeed of the world, will be shaped by whether they collide in conflict – like many powers of old – or move forward in harmony and respect.

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Pacific Destiny, a new CITIZENARTS educational documentary, explores how the differences and similarities of China and the US might lead to either calm or stormy seas. Americans and Chinese share insights into what they do and don’t understand about each other, how their histories and cultures are reflected in their governing, business, education and other aspects of everyday life – and their hopes for the future. We meet teachers, entrepreneurs, civic leaders, students, professionals, laborers, artists and many others in their homes, schools and places of work and play.

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